Loft House


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A Discovery We Dreamed of for Years!

Loft House is an interior architecture / design studio that has been dreamed for years and explored suitable places for months and created as a result of the designs made over night.


Loft House was founded in 2014 by Interior Architect Onur Alp in Ankara. Onur ALP was born in Ankara in 1984 After completing his primary education at Tevfik Fikret High School, he started his
undergraduate education at Hacettepe University. After his thesis on Loft structures at Çankaya University, he founded Loft House Design Studio and has been working on innovative projects since

Vision and Mission

DESIGN is the first consideration in consumer society before buying a product... We like the design sothat we can make ourselves fit, feel the mood, enjoy the “thing” we have. Our founding purpose is to
create well-designed places thought hard about and maximize the pleasure you can get from theseplaces.

    Loft house is a design studio you may have never met before, which has been built in the discipline of”Loft” structures, which have emerged during the industrial revolution, where the installations are
open, the mezzanine floors and the artistic details were abundantly encountered, where you can decide the final version of your living space on the giant presentation screen while sipping your filter
coffee. This studio is fully equipped to serve you in areas such as design, 3D visualization, application and restoration.

   Therefore, you can trust us about the design and comfort of your spaces and take care of your other businesses.